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A product of FABSCRAP’s recycling initiatives, this shoddy is composed of mixed fibers which have been shredded from small scraps of fabric. Perfect for various stuffing uses, this shoddy is available for order by the half-pound.

*A half pound of shoddy fits compactly in a container that is 6.5”L x 4.75”W x 2”D. For requests exceeding please see our wholesale shoddy listing.

*Select YES for additional $0.25 packaging to contain your scraps.

These fabrics are recovered from high-end designers in New York City, and have been down-cycled into shoddy as a sustainable alternative to destruction and discard in landfill.

Fabric Yardage Estimator

Blouses & Tops:

Sleeveless knit tanks: 1 yard

Short-sleeved T-shirt: 1-2 yards

Button-up; long sleeve: 2-3 yards


Mini: 1-2 yards

Pencil: 2 yards

Midi/maxi: 3 yards

Circle skirt: 4-5 yards


Mini: 2 yards

Knee-length: 2 yards

Midi: 3 yards

Maxi: 4 yards

Pants & Shorts

Shorts: 1-2 yards

Leggings: 2 yards

Jeans/Slacks: 2-3 yards

Wide-leg pants: 3-4 yards

Coats & Jackets

Jackets: 2-3 yards

Knee-length: 4 yards

Full-length: 5-6 yards


Tote bag: 1 yard

Backpack: 2 yards

*these estimates are suggested quantities, but ultimately depend on size, project, and width of fabric.

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