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Synthetic silk charmeuse with characteristic shine on one side, matte on the other. Available in black. 100% polyester content. Measures 52" wide and available for order by the yard.

*This charmeuse is lightweight, very soft to the touch, and is non-stretch. This charmeuse, although polyester, has a beautiful drape and looks very much like silk. It is mostly opaque, but light can shine through. Suitable for garments with plenty of drape: blouses, pants, skirts, dresses.

**See our Wholesale category to purchase these fabrics at wholesale rates and quantities!

These fabrics are recovered from high-end designers in New York City, sold as a sustainable alternative to destruction and discard in landfill.

Fabric Yardage Estimator

Blouses & Tops:

Sleeveless knit tanks: 1 yard

Short-sleeved T-shirt: 1-2 yards

Button-up; long sleeve: 2-3 yards


Mini: 1-2 yards

Pencil: 2 yards

Midi/maxi: 3 yards

Circle skirt: 4-5 yards


Mini: 2 yards

Knee-length: 2 yards

Midi: 3 yards

Maxi: 4 yards

Pants & Shorts

Shorts: 1-2 yards

Leggings: 2 yards

Jeans/Slacks: 2-3 yards

Wide-leg pants: 3-4 yards

Coats & Jackets

Jackets: 2-3 yards

Knee-length: 4 yards

Full-length: 5-6 yards


Tote bag: 1 yard

Backpack: 2 yards

*these estimates are suggested quantities, but ultimately depend on size, project, and width of fabric.

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